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 Apple motor’s exterior lighting has been awarded a new patent, providing more information.
Data:2018-11-04 10-08-16
Generally speaking, the lights before and after the car can provide basic information, such as whether the car is braking or whether there is an intention to turn. Although information has been enough for years, Apple seems to think it can improve its functionality by providing more data.

On October 30, local time, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted a new patent for Apple, called External Lighting and Warning System. The patent explains a way to provide information to other road users, not just more lights. Apple believes that it can provide more information by installing a reflective panel around the vehicle, a row of LED lights on the reflective panel, and a light-emitting section on the rear of the car.

Apple said that the reflective panel is not limited to installing LED lights. Almost any light based on optical technology can be used for this purpose, including side or back light guide, OELD (Organic Light Emitting Diode), LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) display panel and liquid crystal dimmer.

Apple offers examples of scenarios where the patent can be applied to warn the driver behind the car about the condition of the brake system. Light braking can activate the brake lights, medium pressure braking can light the lamp bar, and complete braking can make more areas light up, for example, can make the rear window of the car red.

The light bar and the lighting area are not limited to one color, and can display symbols, characters, numbers and other patterns in various colors. They can provide speed, the relative speed of the car and the back workshop, the state information of the autopilot system, the state information of other vehicles, and even other modes customized by users. Useful information for people.

The lighting system can be used not only to notify other people, but also to communicate with the driver when the vehicle is parked. When the user approaches or leaves the vehicle, messages and other important data are displayed on the side of the user's vehicle.

This is not the first time Apple has considered using external notification to warn other users. In August this year, its authorized patent, known as the "running state visual communication system and method", describes the action intention that can be used to display the autopilot system by issuing similar notifications through the external monitors of the rear and front parts of the car. In addition to the logo, the patent also recommends projection to project the position of the vehicle intended to move when changing lanes or the position of the vehicle moving when parking and reversing onto the road.